A great speech can (and should) inspire us, transform us and move us towards a shared vision. Words matter and indeed, they can change the world.

    That's why public speaking is such an important and demanded skill. From defining the strategy, finding the key message and crafting the storytelling to train attitude, presence and body language... public speaking is as challenging as fascinating.

    For this reason, I coach top influencers, executives and activists to deliver the (TED-like) talk of their lifetime, known precisely by its powerful and engaging format. You can check some examples of my work as a coach and curator below.

    Do you want to become the best speaker you can be? Get in touch and let's work some magic! :)


    TEDx talk by María Fernández-Miranda: Ser o no ser (madres) no debería ser la cuestión

    TEDx talk by Belén Gaudes: Seamos felices sin comer perdices

    TEDx talk by Krizia Nardini: In search of (the) real men

    TEDx talk by César Bona: Los nuevos retos de la educación

    TEDx talk by Iria Marañón:

    Educar en el feminismo

    TEDx talk by Charlotte Webb: Designing the feminist internet

    TEDx talk by Esther Borao: Tod@s podemos ser inventor@s

    TEDx talk by Noelia Morales: Piratas de un solo pecho

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