I offer insightful and transformational L&D experiences for companies and individuals determined to grow and make a difference.

    All sessions can be delivered online and offline and combine the latest findings with hands-on practice and dynamics so participants get inspired, learn and develop.

    Formats: trainings and workshops, curated talks, panels, interviews and corporate podcasts with me and/or other experts.

    Languages: Spanish, English and Catalan.


    Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

    Building diverse and inclusive companies is a challenge, but is also an opportunity to attract top talent and make them feel welcome and encouraged to bring their best self every day. Learn how to foster, measure and celebrate D&I at work and drive employee engagement, innovation and competitiveness along the way.

    Female Leadership and Empowerment

    From knowing and leading ourselves as women to leading others in our very own way. Understand female leadership, its characteristics and benefits and discover how to unleash it in your organisation by empowering, developing and celebrating women.

    High Impact Public Speaking

    From strategy design, to crafting a powerful message, setting a clear structure and writing and delivering a confident and inspiring speech, oratory is a highly demanded and career-boosting skill. Discover and put into practice the secrets to talk like TED and start giving effective and unforgettable presentations.

    The Art of Negotiating

    It is hard to get what one wants without asking for it, this is why negotation is a key skill to succeed in business and in life.

    Learn the most relevant concepts, factors and techniques in negotiations and sharpen your own skills through disruptive and engaging dynamics.

    The Art of Leading

    Good leadership inspires, motivates and empowers employees to reach their full potential, go the extra mile and advocate for your company. Learn how to spot and develop leadership so everyone can and wants to contribute.

    Personal & Organisational Transformation

    through Enneagram

    Organisational growth requires building high-performing teams and leading them effectively. However, this is only possible if employees know and manage themselves properly and work together to maximise their potential. The Enneagram is a powerful and on-trend tool that promotes this very personal and organisational transformation.

    Personal Branding:

    Crafting Your Best You

    Raising the public profile of the leaders in your organisation has a direct positive effect on your business. Not only talents are more engaged but they also contribute to increase your company's reputation and brand awareness through employee advocacy, attracting potential consumers and employees.

    Employer Branding:

    How to attract top talent

    making your company shine

    Being an attractive employer matters, but looking as such is key for companies to attract top-notch talent and keep them engaged. Today, everything that a company does and says builds on its brand as a potential place to work. Discover how to brand your company so its values, culture and unique proposition make you shine next to other employers and ensure a great candidate experience to accompany it.

    How to Seduce and Manage YZ Talent

    (Millennials and Centennials):

    A New Gen of Consumers & Employees

    Generations like Millennials and Centennials are known for being more connected, independent and demanding than others were ever before. That, in a context of talent war, raises the pressing need of adapting if companies are to seduce them as consumers and employees. Understand the differences between every generation and learn how to manage intergenerational diversity and inclusion to make the most out of them.

    Tackling unconscious bias:

    Leading for diversity and inclusion

    Building and leading diverse and inclusive teams requires being aware of our unconscious biases and how they shape the way we make decisions. Understanding its roots on automatic, unintentional and deeply ingrained stereotypes is the first step to deconstruct them, challenge automatic thinking patterns and prevent discriminatory behaviors. But is above all, the beginning of building corporate cultures in which nobody is left behind.

    Leadership in times of uncertainty

    In times of crisis and uncertainty is more important than ever for our people to be able to rely on leaders that know how to keep calm, think strategically and lead with empathy.

    From rethinking our priorities and the way we work, to having difficult conversations where the future of our relationships and our business is at stake...

    Grow your leaders so they navigate the unknown while making their teams feel safe, united and engaged.